Electricity network services for residents of Vantaa

Electricity network services for residents of Vantaa

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Electricity distribution prices

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The credit calculation service

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Netting gives higher return on small-scale production

Shortage of electricity

Lots of efforts will be made to avoid electricity distribution outages in winter time 2022-2023. Consumers will only have their power disconnected once every other remedy has been used.

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Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient lifestyle is more sensible now than ever before - because concerted energy-efficiency measures can have an impact on having sufficient electricity supplies.

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Monitor your electricity consumption in real time

In our Online services you can view your contracts, invoices, usage reports etc.

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A power cut?

We will do our best to restore your power without disturbance. However, sometimes a power cut may be an unexpected occurrence. See latest information about our power cuts here.

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Can we help?

We are happy to help you in our customer services.
Our fault report number 0800 0020 is open 24/7.

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