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Transfering the electricity connection

Are you buying or selling a property? When the owner of a detached house, semi-detached house, or any other building changes, the electricity connection usually changes ownership as well. The electricity connection is a movable property that does not transfer automatically to the new owner; instead, the transfer needs to be agreed upon in writing, for example, in connection with the sales agreement.

The new owner of the electricity connection can notify the owner transfer through the link that can be found from our finnish website.

To transfer the electricity connection, we require a copy of the sales agreement or a separate transfer agreement. The copy of the sales agreement should include all pages, signatures, and a mention of the transfer of the connection to the new owner. If desired, the purchase amount can be crossed out.

Transfering the electricity connection

When you sell your house, you don't need to worry about the electricity connection. We are happy to assist you. The easiest way to transfer the ownership is electronically, but if needed, you can also print the transfer agreement and submit it to us.