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Shortage of electricity

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The prevailing unstable global situation has resulted in an exceptional situation in the energy market. This winter, there will be uncertainties with regard to the availability of electricity, and many matters will have an impact on others: whether the winter will be mild or cold or if it will be windy, will Olkiluoto 3 become operational, how to obtain imported electricity from other Nordic countries or the Baltic region.

Power outages for consumers are among the last measures that are made when there is a shortage of electricity. However, due to the state of uncertainty, everyone should be prepared for power cuts caused by a potential shortage of electricity – just in case.

Each one of us has a significant role in preventing the risk of power shortages. By reducing electricity usage in our own everyday lives, we can decrease total electricity consumption in our country and that way contribute to having sufficient production of our own. Even small individual measures of reducing electricity usage by a large number of people play a significant role in the bigger picture to ensure sufficient capacity of the entire electricity system.

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient lifestyle is more sensible now than ever before, because concerted energy-efficiency measures can have an impact on having sufficient electricity supplies.

Electricity shortages and their impacts on Vantaa residents

Efforts will be made to avoid electricity distribution outages for as long as possible, and consumers will only have their power disconnected once every other remedy has been used.