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Billing for electricity network service

You will receive an invoice from us for the electricity transmission. In addition, you will receive an invoice for the electricity you use from your electricity seller. Invoices are based on actual electricity consumption, which we get directly from the electricity meter. The electricity you use on the bill is displayed in both meter readings and kilowatt hours.

Invoice content in brief

The invoice front page:

Invoice sender: Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Oy

Our account number: FI61 5000 0120 4160 93 / OKOYFIHH

The place of electricity to which the invoice relates

The electricity consumption on which the billing is based, ie electricity transmission in kilowatt hours

The total amount of the invoice according to actual consumption.

On the second page of the invoice:

A payment breakdown showing the period on which the billing is based, the unit prices of the product you are using, and the amount of electricity tax.

Terms of payment. Our invoices have 14 days to pay.

You can receive your invoice, for example, on paper or electronically

How do you want to get your electricity bill? You can receive your invoice from us on paper, by e-mail or as an e-invoice. If you want to change your billing method, please contact our customer service. 

One or two bills

If you have tendered for your electricity contract, you will receive separate invoices for electricity transmission and electricity sales.

The transmission price of electricity does not depend on the seller of the electricity or the tendering of the electricity. The customer is free to choose from which seller to buy his electricity without affecting the transfer price.

Billing rhythm 

You will receive six invoices per year if you have a universal transfer agreement. We send electricity bills to electric heaters every month for time and seasonal transfer agreements.

Payment arrangements and payment advice

Ropo Capital’s customer service assists our customers in matters related to payments and payment arrangements. You can also make payment arrangements independently online: with the Ropo Online service. In Ropo’s service, you can, among other things, postpone the due date of an invoice and divide an invoice that has progressed into several installments. The service is logged in with online banking IDs.

Personal service and payment advice are available in Ropo Online chat, by phone 09 2315 0433 or by e-mail If the matter concerns a power outage, you should send the e-mail directly to

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