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Would you like to generate your own electricity?

Have you already acquired or are you planning to acquire a small-scale production facility, such as solar panels? With solar panels, you can produce electricity for your own use in an environmentally friendly way. You can utilize the electricity generated by the panels in your home appliances or electric heating.

Small-scale production refers to connecting a low-capacity solar or wind power plant to the electrical grid of a property, primarily for self-consumption. There may also be situations where your system produces more electricity than you use. In that case, you can sell the surplus electricity to a desired electricity retailer. However, it is necessary to first make an agreement with the electricity retailer regarding selling the surplus electricity.

At Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot, we have aimed to make the process of starting small-scale production as effortless as possible. We can help assess a solar power system that suits your consumption needs. We will create a network service contract for production, which allows customers to feed their surplus electricity into our electrical grid. We ensure the compatibility of your system with our electrical grid and handle notifications of system installations. The notification of system installation is a crucial part of the process as it enables us to measure the electricity you feed into the grid and ensure safety during network faults. Making the notification is free of charge.

We do not charge separate costs for connecting the systems to our grid if your property’s electricity connection size is sufficient for your power plant and does not need to be upgraded.

All small-scale production systems must be safely connected to the electrical grid.

We require information about your planned small-scale electricity production in our grid to measure the electricity you feed into the grid and ensure safety during network faults. Please submit a notification to us about the equipment you intend to connect to the grid using the Small-scale production general information form. We process the forms in the order of their arrival and aim to confirm the permission to connect your equipment to the electricity grid as soon as possible. The typical processing time for the forms is about 5-10 business days. However, this time frame may vary depending on the situation and the number of customers.

Please note the following points to ensure a successful Small-scale production:

  • Small-scale production installation work always requires the assistance of a qualified electrician. Please contact your equipment supplier for assistance in this matter.
  • Your equipment must comply with our requirements for connecting small-scale generation.
  • The solar power plant must be separable from the electricity grid, for example, through a separate lockable isolation switch to which we have free access.

Familiarize yourself with our connection instructions and view the pricing details.

  • Instructions for connecting small-scale generation to Vantaan Energia Sähkoverkot Oy’s distribution network can be found in our finnish site. 
  • Pricing details for the production products can be found in our price list.

The suitability of your equipment for the electricity grid must be confirmed before commissioning. Provide us with the details of your equipment using the general information form for small-scale generation equipment. You can submit the form via email to liittymapalvelut(at) Once we have reviewed the information about your equipment, we will issue a commissioning permit.

You are responsible for:

  • Familiarizing yourself with small-scale generation and our instructions.
  • Consulting equipment suppliers to find a system that suits your needs and ensures its compatibility with the electricity grid.
  • Procuring the equipment.
  • Contacting your chosen electricity supplier if you wish to sell any excess electricity you generate.

Your electrical contractor will:

  • Install your equipment.
  • Connect your equipment to the electricity grid.

Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot will:

  • Verify the compatibility of your equipment once we have received a request from your electrical contractor for grid connection using the general information form for production equipment.
  • Issue connection permits to your contractor.
  • Provide you with the terms and conditions for connecting to the grid and network services.