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Metering reform and replacement of electricity meters

We have launched an extensive reform of our electricity metering system. As a result of the reform, we will roll out a new metering system and install 180,000 even more intelligent electricity meters over the course of the next 10 years.

In the next few years, replacements of electricity meters will be carried out at sites of all sizes throughout Vantaa. In detached houses, terraced houses, apartments and business premises. The residents will experience a brief power cut during the replacement of the electricity meter.

Within the next few years, the metering reform will bring our customers, e.g. more real-time data about their own electricity consumption, as well as new opportunities in the electricity market.

As bonus features, the new electricity metering system will significantly improve fault management and enable monitoring of the quality of electricity according to modern standards.

The new, smarter electricity meters also have a home automation terminal (HAN port), which enables collection of usage data for the customer’s own use.

The development of the electricity metering system supports our customers’ energy-efficiency measures, e.g. by offering even more real-time data about their own electricity consumption and by enabling new services, such as load control.

Our partners in the metering reform are Aidon Oy and Eltel Networks Oy.

New, smarter electricity meters bring benefits to the everyday lives of our customers

  • With the new electricity meter, electricity consumption can be monitored with 15-minute metering periods. Even more precise metering data helps in the planning of energy usage.
  • The new electricity meters are equipped with a home automation connection that provides near real-time data, e.g. to be utilised by a home automation system.

Meter changes to be carried out in phases starting from March 2023

The first new smart electricity meters have already been installed and the installations will continue until 2031.

The majority of meters to be replaced during this reform are already approaching the end of their useful life, and it is economical to replace them with new metering devices.

We will inform all customers about forthcoming electricity meter replacements well in advance. After the meter replacement, the new, smarter electricity meter will start operating automatically and no action is required by the customer.

The meter replacement is free of charge.