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Housing companies can now join the credit calculation service

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As from 1st September 2021, we offer energy communities a new credit calculation service that makes the use of solar power even more cost-effective for housing companies.

With the new service, the use of solar power is an attractive choice for housing companies. With the credit calculation service for energy communities, a housing company can acquire solar panels that will benefit all residents.

The new credit calculation service enables sharing of electricity produced by solar panels between residents. The impact can be seen directly on the electricity bill of each resident, and all apartments will be able to enjoy the benefits of shared solar panels.

Previously, the impacts of solar power produced by a housing company have only been seen on the housing company’s own electricity bill, and it was possible to use solar power produced by a housing company only as real estate electricity in the common areas and equipment of the housing company.

Housing companies can set up an energy community

An energy community is a new form of sharing economy where the members of the community share the benefits of electricity production and procurement between themselves. An energy community can be, for example, a housing company with the property and the apartments of the residents as members.

In order to join the credit calculation service, the energy community must register with the distribution system operator, i.e. in Vantaa with us. The membership of the energy community is apartment-specific. Therefore, for example, a change of resident will have no impact on the credit calculation because any new residents will automatically be covered by the agreement.

Solar energy that is produced together will be shared by calculation and there is no need to visit individual apartments.

How does credit calculation work?

In credit calculation, we calculate and share the produced electricity between the members of the energy community. Primarily, the electricity produced will be used as the housing company’s real estate electricity, for example, for the lighting of common areas, the sauna and the laundry room. If there is any electricity left over, it will be divided between the apartments in the way notified by the housing company, for example, according to the shares of the management charges. If an apartment cannot use all of the production allocated to it, the surplus energy will be sold to the electricity company chosen by the community.

In connection with introducing the credit calculation service, the housing company will be automatically adopting a new kind of netting, i.e. at small-scale production sites we will meter according to hourly netting, i.e. the total of consumption and production. Therefore, there is only either production or consumption within one hour.

It is easy to start using the credit calculation service

Joining the system will not require any modifications, for example, in the electricity network or meters. The number of community members is unrestricted, but all metering points must be located at the same electricity connection. A metering point can only be a member of one energy community at a time.

The introduction of credit calculation will make it even more cost-effective for housing companies to use solar power. If solar power is also your housing company’s solution, we are happy to answer your questions and provide reliable assistance in your acquisition!

Registration notification of a local energy community