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This is how you make an electricity contract

You need an electricity contract to start using electricity. The electricity contract is always made with the electricity seller. The electricity network contract will automatically enter into force when the electricity contract begins. Electricity sellers will also send us the information needed for the electricity network contract.

When you want electricity on your property, contact your electricity seller!

When you want to make an electricity contract, contact the electricity seller of your choice and enter into an electricity contract with the seller. After concluding the electricity contract, the electricity network contract automatically enters into force.

The electricity network agreement agrees on the distribution of electricity and electricity network services at your place of use. Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot Oy is responsible for electricity distribution and electricity network services in the Vantaa area.

You are free to choose the seller of the electricity, but the electricity network contract is made with the local network company

You cannot shop around for electricity distribution as it is purchased from the network operator of the area where the property is located.  You can find more information about choosing an electricity seller, for example, on the website sähkö The site is also available in English.

Electricity contracts are always address-specific. You may have more than one power contract at a time at different addresses. You may need electricity in two places if, although you are renovating a new apartment, you still live at your old address.

Electricity contract and relocation

When you move, make an electricity contract for your new home with the electricity seller of your choice no later than two weeks before moving. This will ensure that we have electricity connected to your new home on the day of the move. The new contract should start on the day you want the electricity supply to start. Please also remember to terminate your old contract by the time the move and final cleaning are completed. We will cut off electricity from the old site at the end of the contract if the new resident has not entered into an agreement with the electricity seller.

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