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Terminology related to meter replacement and the metering reform

AMR = Automatic Meter Reading, remotely read meter

HAN = Home Area Network

Remotely read electricity meter

An electricity meter with automatic metering of electricity usage. The functions of the electricity meter can be controlled via remote access. It is not necessary to read a remotely read electricity meter in person as the electricity usage data is transmitted electronically.

In electricity connections and disconnections related to the start and end of electricity contracts, electricity can be switched on or off via remote connection. Electricity is connected and disconnected automatically according to the period of validity of the electricity contracts.

Electricity demand response

Electricity demand response means a momentary decrease or increase in electricity consumption according to the electricity production situation. The use of electricity can be shifted to a time when there is plenty of low-emission production available at a low cost.

Energy community

An energy community consists of small-scale producers that can use their own small-scale production, for example, to replace some of the electricity purchased from the electricity grid. In addition, an energy community can also sell any excess electricity to the electricity market. An energy community can be set up, for example, by a housing company that has its own solar panels.

Energy system

Electricity production, the smart grid and electricity usage together form an energy system.