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Changing the electricity distribution product

The electricity distribution product, i.e. the tariff, tells the electricity metering method in your property. The metering method determines how we charge the fees related to the electricity distribution of your property. Select the metering method according to your electricity need and consumption. 

Please check the distribution product before you pay your first distribution invoice sent by us. By paying the first invoice, you accept the distribution product shown on the invoice and you cannot change it until after 12 months at the earliest. If you want to change your distribution product, you must order a change of product from us. The delivery time of a change of product is normally 5–30 days from your order. We do not make changes or issue refunds retrospectively.

A change of the distribution product may be necessary if your electricity consumption habits change significantly. This may be the case, for example, when you renovate or build an extension to a building or if you buy several new devices for your home, which together will increase your electricity consumption. It may also be a good idea to change the metering method when the heating system is changed. If your electricity consumption is reduced, there may not necessarily be a need to continue with night-time or seasonal distribution.

You can change the distribution product when you have used the same distribution product continuously for at least one year. The change is free of charge. 

When the distribution product changes, your electricity meter will be updated to correspond with the selected product. If you want to utilise more favourably priced night-time distribution, changes must also be made to your metering centre. Please contact your own electricity contractor.

Change of distribution product is ordered through our Online service

You can order the change of distribution product by logging in to our Online service. 

Log in to the Online service here >>

If you have not used the Online service before, you can register in the service with your banking codes or mobile certificate. 

How to register in the Online service >> (available in Finnish only)

Our service price list is available here >> (available in Finnish only)