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Energy efficiency

Saving energy is now more significant than ever before. An energy-efficient lifestyle is good for the climate, but this winter an energy-saving lifestyle may save the entire society from a shortage of electricity if we join forces and together reduce our energy consumption to make sure that domestic electricity generation will be enough to meet the energy demand. Energy saving is the most important means for an ordinary citizen to have an impact on sufficient energy in a situation where there are many uncertainties with regard to sufficient energy supplies. Every one of us has a key role in preventing a energy shortage situation: reducing our own everyday electricity usage will have a huge impact in the overall context.

According to Motiva almost every household could easily reduce electricity consumption by 10 per cent just by adjusting their living and usage habits. For example, reducing the temperature in residential buildings by one degree saves energy by the amount of the annual consumption of up to 90,000 detached homes heated by electricity. (Motiva website 12 September 2022)

These pages include information and practical tips for an energy-efficient everyday life.

Everyday energy-efficiency tips

  • Learn about your own electricity consumption. The key to reducing your own consumption is to know what it consists of. In Vantaa, you can monitor your own electricity consumption in the Online service of Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks.
  • Switch off electrical appliances when you are not using them. Utilise the power-saving mode of devices. Disconnect chargers from mains electricity when not using them.
  • Switch off lights where they are not needed. In lighting, opt for energy-efficient LED lamps.
  • Spend less time in the hot shower and use cooler water than before.
  • Sauna uses a lot of energy, and therefore spend less time in the sauna and do not keep it hot any longer than is necessary.
  • If, for example, you have underfloor heating in your bathroom, keep the bathroom door closed so you won’t heat up the whole home by underfloor heating.
  • Wash full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher. Washing and rinsing dishes under the tap takes up a lot of energy, so try to avoid running the tap unnecessarily when doing the dishes.
  • Check your room temperature levels. Adjust thermostats to about 20 degrees in living areas and to 18 degrees in bedrooms. Reduce the temperature considerably in rooms where you don’t spend much time. Especially in storage areas, staircases and garages the temperature can easily be reduced to 7–12 degrees. A reduction of just one degree in the indoor temperature means a 5% reduction in heating energy. However, remember that if there are water pipes or plumbing fixtures in the room area, you must not reduce the temperature too much in case the pipes freeze. (Source: Motiva website 21 September 2022)
  • Don’t let the heat escape: make sure that window and door seals are in working order and, if necessary, get them replaced.
  • Utilise a heat-storing fireplace if you have one at home.

More energy-saving tips on Motiva’s website (in Finninsh)

Down a Degree energy-saving campaign

In September, Motiva, the Energy Authority, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of the Environment, and Sitra launched the Down a Degree campaign encouraging all Finns to take rapid and concrete energy-saving measures. Down a Degree means small everyday deeds:

  • A degree down with the room temperature
  • A degree easier on the gas pedal
  • A degree less time spent in the shower
  • A degree less time using entertainment electronics

If our country’s electricity production and the available imported electricity do not seem to be enough for our total demand despite our energy-efficiency measures, resulting in a need to ration electricity, we would end up in a situation of electricity shortage. Further information is available in the Electricity Shortages section on our website.