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Making provision for power cuts

High winds, thunderstorms, icy rain, severe blizzards and unexpected disruptions in the operation of the electricity network may sometimes result in power cuts, although we, your distribution system operator, aim to make provision for them as best we can. In the following, there are some useful tips and links for you to make provision and prepare your home for the eventuality of a power cut to make sure that your everyday life goes as smoothly as possible even during a power outage. Perhaps you already have your own little home emergency supply kit?


  • Keep your mobile phone charged and have a charged power bank in readiness at home.
  • Check that you have at least one battery-operated torch or lamp with functioning batteries.
  • Get a UPS device for your computer if you want to prevent it from switching off in the middle of an important task due to a power cut.
  • Those using regular medication need to make sure that there is enough medicine for a few days.
  • Have some candles and matches at home for emergencies, but never leave a candle burning without supervision.
  • It is also a good idea to have enough dry food supplies at home to keep you going in the event of a power cut. For pet owners, this also applies to pet food.

During a power cut

  • Switch off lights and electrical appliances at home after the power cut has started. In any case, they will not be working during the outage. Leave, e.g. one light on so you will know when the power has been restored. The most important thing is to switch off the cooker, iron, coffee-maker and washing machine. There may be a risk of fire if they are left on after the power has been restored.
  • Close windows and keep the front door closed to avoid heat escaping.
  • Do not open the fridge door unnecessarily, food in the fridge will remain cold for a couple of hours after the power cut has started.
  • In the freezer, food will remain frozen for at least 24 hours if you don’t keep opening the freezer door.

Useful information

  • Do not go close to fallen trees or damaged electricity network devices and do not start repairing or clearing them by yourself. For example a tree that has fallen on an overhead line may have hazardous voltage with a danger to life and repair measures must be left to professionals who can deal with the dangers of electrical currents and tree felling.
  • Report any damage to the electricity network, for example, trees that have fallen on overhead lines or faulty appliances to our fault reporting number 0800 0025, and we will send a professional to remedy the situation.
  • When repairing power cuts the electricity may go off and come back on again many times.
  • After the power has been restored, if you notice that the electricity is erratic or if the lights are brighter or dimmer than normal, it may be due to a neutral fault. A neutral fault may cause damage to appliances, a fire or, at worst, the risk of electric shock. If you suspect a neutral fault, switch the power off from the main switch but do not touch the metal parts of the electricity cabinet and then call our fault service on 0800 0025.